Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NCGOP Continues Its Assault on Ballot Access

If you've gotten forgetful about all the court decisions throwing out various Republican voter suppression laws in North Carolina, and the fact that -- left without their massive voter suppression law -- the Republicans in the General Assembly are busily cooking up a whole new voter I.D. law that they won't let anybody see, then William Wan's piece of journalism from yesterday will be most helpful to your understanding.

Buried deep in that article is this sentence (if you've been waiting for that other shoe to drop):
North Carolina legislators are anxiously awaiting yet another Supreme Court decision that could come this week and would determine whether North Carolina will hold special elections this year for many redistricted legislative seats that federal judges found were racially based and unconstitutional.
At this late calendar date, no one really believes that the Supreme Court (even without Gorsuch participating) is going to order new Congressional elections this year in North Carolina. But you never know.

One thing is certain. While Republicans hold power in Raleigh they intend to stomp on as many people as possible. They intend to grab power and abuse power and misuse power until we the people take that power away from them.

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