Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump's Presidency Unraveling Faster Than an Old, Rotten Cardigan

So Trump has said twice now that ex-FBI Director James Comey told him, the president, that he wasn't under investigation -- three different times. At least one of those times, according to Trump's own admission, was after Trump asked Comey, "Am I under investigation?"

Number One: If Comey indeed answered a question like that, then Comey should have been fired for that, for talking about FBI investigations to anyone, let alone a possible target of the investigation.

Number Two: If Trump indeed asked that question, which is much more believable than Number One, then Trump was committing a breach of FBI protocol (if not the actual law itself) -- the boss of the chief investigator exercising improper interference and influence by asking that question. There's always a presumption of improper meddling, of intimidation, of trying to sway the investigator away from the trail of evidence, especially when a president asks such questions of a man he can fire off the investigative job.

Number Three: Trump's version of his conversations with Comey is a tale told by an idiot. There's a living person with far greater public integrity than the idiot in question who is now waiting out there to finally speak and to correct the record and to assert that the president is a liar. That will happen in time.

I say it again: Trump is just plain dumb. Not just "inexperienced dumb," but two-dollar-dog, you-can't-fix-this dumb.

Another example? Trump keeps the American press far away from the Oval Office while he's palling around with the Russians, because he wants to hide from the American people that he's palling around with the Russians on the day after he fired the man who was investigating just how chummy he might have been with the Russians. And the Russians themselves release the photos that Trump didn't want us to see.

Just plain dumb.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, D. Trump, and 
Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak ...
in the Oval Office hours ago.
Photo courtesy of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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