Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Trump Diagnosis of the Week

“He’s fundamentally lazy. He free-rides so many processes he doesn’t know anything about. He used to do it in the business world, and now he does it in the political world .... He’s not a student of anything other than protecting his image. What he cares about is how he’s perceived, not the nuts and bolts of things. He is essentially a performance artist.”

--Trump biographer Tim O'Brien, as told to Maureen Dowd


Wolf's Head said...

Welp, he may be lazy, but he's tearing the establishment a new asshole.

Latest example, he just fired Comey at the FBI.

You best pray he doesn't decide to really get to work.

Jeff said...

He ain't gonna be Prez that long unless his quest for a dictatorship totally destroys our democracy and constitutional process. Of course he fired Comey. Wouldn't you if you and your associates were guilty of treason and knew this guy and his law enforcement organization were coming close to demanding indictments?

Wolf's Head said...

Comey said he wasn't under investigation.

Clapper said that there was no Russia/Trump connection.

Obama said there was no Russia/Trump collusion during the election.

Get over it.

Trump will be President long enough to do severe damage to the establishment.

And your sanity.