Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump's TV-Watching Addiction Explains a Lot

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We realize that science doesn't matter in the Age of Trump, but there are scientific studies ("neuroimaging" research) which proves that excessive TV-watching shrinks the brain, impedes verbal abilities, and lessens "impulse control."

Trump is a notorious TV-addict. He's known to always have cable shows playing in any room he occupies, including on Air Force One. Not just an addict. He's a narcissistic addict:

According to Ashley Parker and Robert Costa, "On his campaign plane, Trump watched television on full volume — usually Fox News, sometimes CNN — almost constantly, said someone who flew with him, shushing his aides whenever he himself came on the screen and listening with rapt attention."

If excessive TV-watching shrinks the brain and cripples impulse control, I think we've seen ample evidence of it in Trump's first 100 days (not to mention the 10 thousand days that preceded January 20).

He's all about surfaces. How things look, not what they in truth are. He wants to be noticed, like the child that never got enough hugs from his mother. He's all impulse, will tweet out (we know!) something he just saw on TV, whether or not it's tethered to any provable reality. Because he sells snake oil himself, he's very prone to buy it from others, if they look good on TV.


Opinionated said...

Videri quam esse.

Wolf's Head said...

1. Still President

2. Still a self made multi-billionaire

3. Adored by his family

4. Has mature, responsible children to handle their multiple companies worth billions

5. Has intelligent, cultured and well mannered model for a wife

6. Would still be elected over Clinton if the election were held today

So what if he watches tv

Jeff said...

Wolfie......."self made multi-billionaire?" He says he's worth ten billion. Forbes says three billion and maybe much less. His father gave him one million to get started and them intervened in his behalf to make it worth a lot more in his first real estate dealings. Then his father died and he got several hundred million. Declared bankruptcy
a half dozen times and cheated hard working Americans out of millions. These are the hard working people who constructed and supplied his grandiose schemes. Yeah, that's a real self made man. And his "intelligent, cultured, and well mannered model for a wife"
very obviously wants to have nothing to do with him. If and when she moves into the White House I'll take that back.

Oh Suzannah said...

Trump is a very athletic flip-flopper, Wolfman. I'll give him that.

betty white said...

It's been amazing to watch people twist themselves into pretzels in order to normalize and justify everything that Trump does. A self-made multi-billionaire? Please. He inherited a fortune. He was born on third base and still gets credit for being self-made? Of course he's adored by his family. If they didn't "adore" him he would turn on them and disinherit the entire bunch. His mature, responsible children were also born on third base. Are you talking about his first, second, or third intelligent cultured wife? The third one acts like she wants nothing to do with him. You're usually very straight-talking and intelligent, Wolf. Surely you can see through all of Trump's bluster and big-mouthed talk? If not, maybe you're not as smart as I thought you were.

Anonymous said...

We had an election with a choice between TWO PEOPLE.

Voters elected the lesser of two assholes!

I am glad they did! Hillary is a crook!

Jeff said...

When some people drink the Kool Aid they drink the whole jug. If Hillary is a crook she's about a level six misdemeanor as compared to his orangeness who's a first degree felon.

Anonymous said...

How is Trump a felon?

Wolf's Head said...

Trump getting a million dollars from his Pa is not much.

Barack O just got $400,000.00 from a BANK for a short speech.

Money quote from the below article from Eric Schultz "I'd just point out that in 2008, Barack Obama raised more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history."

Democrats have been in bed with Wall Street and the Big Banks for a long time.

And his "toughest reforms since FDR" has destroyed the middle class and the 1% are richer than ever.

Thanks to Big O

Jeff said...

Wolfie-no argument...........

Jeff said...

Anon 5:04
Let's start with treason.

Anonymous said...

What has he done that is treasonous?

Wolf's Head said...

Anon, Jeff is probably referring to Russia, but no evidence to support him has come to light.

And there has been alot of looking for it.

There is more evidence for Clinton's collusion with the Russians, and with other foreign governments.

It's another delusional crutch the left holds onto because of Hillary's loss, no matter how well deserved it was.

Anonymous said...

"And his "toughest reforms since FDR" has destroyed the middle class and the 1% are richer than ever." So Wolf - does that mean that you support things like raising the minimum wage and raising taxes on the extremely wealthy?

Henery said...

WolfHead: "No evidence has come to light." You're kidding, right?

Plenty of evidence has come to light, including the FBI director's announcement to a congressional committee that there's an investigation underway into Russian-Trump campaign collusion. Perhaps you mean "not enough evidence yet to impeach the sonovabitch."

And your smart-ass quip, "Voters elected the lesser of two assholes!" -- is just that and nothing more. Smart-ass quips are pretty easy. One candidate was actually qualified. The other shows every day that he isn't capable of the job and is, in fact, dangerous in the job. Given the choice between an unqualified, erratic, and unstable asshole, and a female asshole who was incredibly qualified, I took the latter.

Wolf's Head said...

That wasn't my posting, smart ass.

Jeff said...

I agree a million isn't much today compared to 30 years ago. But, when his father died the orange shithead got several hundred million. And that's when he really started screwing vendors, suppliers, and working folk. His alleged "business acumen" certainly didn't help him in the casino business; all of which went bankrupt. Think about the built in advantages when you own a casino: the house percentages. Trump blames the 08-09 recession for his casino problems. That might be fair except he'd declared bankruptcy for three of his casinos when pretty much every other casino in the country was raking in the profits. The initial million from his father was actually worth ten to twenty million after his father did his political shenanigans in New York City to get his son "extreme" deals. Look it up from any unbiased source. Many articles out there.

Wolf's Head said...

Then he should fit right in with the Washington crowd.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, so inherited money is bad?

What about the Kennedys?

The left never applies the same standards to all.

Jeff said...

Anon 5:38
It depends how you use it. When you use your inheritance to demean and cheat the less fortunate you're a pretty sorry person. There have been some politicians who have inherited fortunes and done a lot of good for a lot of people. Trump isn't and never will be one of those people. He's a swindler, period. Trump's biggest benefactors during the campaign were the Mercers, whom at this time, owe 7 BILLION in back taxes and are fighting the IRS over their tax scams. The Mercers, I understand, are pretty much self made business people. They are hopeful Trump will get the IRS off their back. Other than that I bet they wouldn't piss down phony Trump's throat if his guts were on fire. Even the Koch brothers, (really big inheritors), can't stand his phoniness and end write op-eds in major newspapers condemning him and his "policies."
I never had an inheritance but I'd like to believe I wouldn't be an asshole if I had. As for the left thing, I'm a conservative Democrat and always have been. (Wanna compare gun collections?) Bet I've voted for more Republicans than you have Democrats. Of course calling Trump a Republican is like calling a Cessna 152 a fighter plane.

Wolf's Head said...

What is a conservative democrat?