Monday, April 24, 2017

Republican Appeals Court Judge Suddenly Retires So Gov. Cooper Can Appoint His Replacement

Talk about a powerful Republican giving the middle finger to the power-grabbing Republicans in the General Assembly!

Dough McCullough
Republican Court of Appeals Justice Doug McCullough just retired from the Court today (weeks ahead of his mandatory forced retirement) so that Governor Roy Cooper could appoint his replacement today, ahead of the Republican majority in the General Assembly's overriding Cooper's veto of a law which takes away Cooper's ability to appoint replacements to the Court of Appeals.

Are you following this?

If this were a novel, you'd throw it against the wall as too, too improbable and far-fetched.

Cooper appointed John Arrowood, who is openly gay, to replace McCullough.

Cool move, Judge McCullough! It will take Republicans with honest, fair minds to push back the overwhelming arrogance of the Republicans in the General Assembly. And a Democratic governor willing to go there.

Cooper went there!

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