Monday, April 10, 2017

Donald Trump Ain't No Christian

Wake Forest pastor John Pavlovitz has written a piece on his personal blog that's gone viral (I found out about it because of an article in today's News&Observer): "It's Time We Stop Calling Donald Trump a Christian."

It's certainly time that a Christian pastor called out all those other Christian pastors who decided for purely political reasons to crown Caesar and bow to him.


Wolf's Head said...

Well, there IS supposed to be a separation between church and state, or do you want a Christian government?

Whatshisname said...

@Wolf's Head. No. But neither do we want Christians, who should be voting for democrats because Democratic policies align more closely with Christian values than do Republican values, to continue to vote Republican. That's a huge voting block that has been cynically drawn into the Republican Party because of one issue: Abortion.

Given that reality, it's appropriate to call Trump and the Religious Right out on their hypocrisy.

Wolf's Head said...

Abortion isn't the only policy that attracts Christians. Gun control is another. But really the Republicans aren't good for Christians or anyone else for that matter, other than themselves.

Democrats are the same, bad for everyone but themselves.

I don't mind calling out politicians for their hypocrisy, but the left never does it equally.

If the left held everyone to the same standards they would get more respect.

Anonymous said...

Roger that on the Christian attraction to guns. Never did understand how the love of guns aligned with Christian values.

I'm just glad Jesus wasn't executed with a gun else that would be the symbol of Christianity instead of the cross.

Unknown said...

Fuck Christianity. Biggest hypocritical crock of shit.