Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NCGOP's Use of "Voter Fraud" Exposed as Fraud

If you'll recall those dark days last November when Pat McCrory and the NC Republican Party were alleging all sorts of voter fraud to explain his loss of the governorship to Roy Cooper, some 600 voters in the state were accused of explicit wrong-doing.

DemocracyNC conducted a five-month investigation into all those charges of voter fraud and are now calling on prosecutors to charge the real villains: Pat McCrory and the NC Republican Party:
Democracy North Carolina talked with dozens of voter-victims, county election officials, and the Republicans involved in filing charges of fraud in various counties. This report, based on those interviews and a review of public records, reveals that the McCrory campaign and NC Republican Party engaged in a coordinated legal and publicity crusade to disrupt, and potentially corrupt, the elections process with what amounted to fraudulent charges of voter fraud. 

And more:
The crusade [to overturn the election of Roy Cooper] did not stop even after McCrory’s attorneys were told by some elections officials that their claims were wrong, that they were confusing voters’ names with other people, that they were using bad data. Instead of stopping, the attorneys caused more charges to be filed that maligned more innocent voters. And, in conjunction with the NC Republican Party, they continued a coordinated attack on the legitimacy of certain ballots and the election outcome, despite the clear harm inflicted on individual voters and the election process.
According to the N&O, DemocracyNC is sending its report to district attorneys in the 23 counties where the most protests were filed and to federal prosecutors in North Carolina.

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