Thursday, April 20, 2017

Constitutionality of Last December's NCGA Special Session Challenged

The lawsuit filed yesterday by Common Cause North Carolina in Wake Superior Court seeks remedy for what was called an out-and-out coup d'etat last December 16, when the Republicans in the General Assembly sprung a sudden and totally unannounced special session of the legislature to bollix boards of elections and severely limit other abilities of a newly and duly elected governor of our state.

It was all done without public notice, without warning, without the ability of the public to know or to object. It was done cynically -- two sweeping changes to the structure and process of state government had been written well in advance and in secret, testifying to the appalling lack of honesty of the Republican leaders in the General Assembly.

Republicans are reacting to the lawsuit like Republicans always react -- with the howling of struck dogs.

More coverage of the lawsuit in this morning's N&O.

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