Friday, September 26, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Working Overtime To Spark a Criminal Investigation

Americans for Prosperity, a Koch Bros. enterprise, sent out hundreds -- maybe thousands, maybe tens of thousands ... because who knows but AFP? -- "official application forms" for voter registration that are riddled with misinformation. Raleigh N&O details all the mistakes.

The State Board of Elections says that "hundreds" of people have called to complain. The general rule of thumb: if one person calls, there are ten people who didn't call but who got the mailing.

Who was targeted? The answer to that question would answer the other burning question ... were the errors a deliberate attempt to thwart voter registration or just Head Office stupidity?

Naturally, Americans for Prosperity has clammed up. Billionaires aren't in the habit of answering questions from mere peons.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Roy Cooper?

Where is Eric Holder?