Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Look How Powerful Women Are, How Weak Phil Berger Is!

Wow. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, arguably the most powerful Republican in Raleigh, has suddenly bought himself $122,000 worth of TV advertising, just for the month of September, hard on the heels of Brad Crone's announcement on NC Policy Watch that Berger is in very serious trouble for reelection in his Guilford and Rockingham county Senate district.

Berger Senior's own troubles fall in line with his son Phil Berger Jr.'s July loss in the Republican primary run-off in the 6th Congressional District ... a loss to a virtually unknown Baptist preacher. Berger Junior was supposed to win that race going away.

Even more revealing, WRAL reports that the Berger campaign "also bought nearly $40,000 of airtime on Time Warner Cable, from ESPN to Lifetime to the Food Channel. The report states the primary target demographic is women over 35." The wielder of macho Republicanism is going, hat-in-hand, to beg women for their votes? Oh my.

Can't wait to hear what Phil Berger is going to tell those women, what his argument is going to be about putting His Own Self back in charge of continuing to reduce the educational infrastructure of this state to a pile of reeking rubble, an argument made to the very demographic that probably values educational attainment more than any other voting bloc in the state.

Boy, O boy! Republican flop sweat is breaking out all over! If Berger is willing to spend $122,000 in September on television, how much will he spend in October to brighten his justifiably dimmed prospects.

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