Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Low Will NC Republicans Go This Election Season?

This low? This is what the NC Senate Republicans are up down to.

It's more than just breathtaking. It's an index to the evil that must be defeated if North Carolina is ever to refind it's footing.


brotherdoc said...

So, did Soucek vote for this override, also? Can it be used against him? It's time to quit letting only the GOPers play hardball.

meatcamp said...

Wait, what is wrong with extending health care to immigrants? Or another way to look at it, how can it be good in any way to have a bunch of any people who cant get health care? If common decency doesn't figure in, how about self-preservation? Do we want a bunch of sick people running around spreading diseases?

Democratus Rex said...

I am continually entertained whenever the right uses "Breitbart", "Civitas", "Newsmax", as a legitimate news source. Unfortunately, it does appeal to the base that requires confirmation, not information.