Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tea Party Advice We Wish Tillis Would Adopt

Brant Clifton, our favorite scenery-chewer on the far right who always finds plenty of fault with Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Thom Tillis, is out with some advice on how Mr. Tillis should get off defense and on offense against Sen. Kay Hagan:
Tillis also appears to be buying into Hagan’s war on women nonsense. He’s sending his wife out to make campaign appearances for him. He’s hauling in South Carolina Nikki Haley to Fayetteville this week. If he even tried to look and sound conservative, he could have attack-babes like Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin out there rallying the troops for him. (But no, he’s getting Chris Christie.)
Well, he's "getting" Chris Christie into the state for a private fundraiser. If there are any firm plans to show Christie off to ordinary voters, it hasn't surfaced yet.

But by all means, yes, let's get some Republican female-brand furniture stripper like Laura Ingraham in to rigidify Mr. Tillis's anemic conservative credentials. And Sarah Palin. Oh, especially Sarah Palin! How could Tillis go wrong with the woman recently made famous by a dog-pile fracas that erupted at a snowmobilers party in Alaska? The quote I loved from that: "The party was peaceable until the Palins arrived."

Other advice from Clifton? Hammer Obamacare, sez he ... when every poll we've been seeing suggests strongly that the general voting public has moved on. Too, too many formerly uninsured Americans have now gotten some insurance coverage, to their considerable relief, so, yes again, by all means, Mr. Tillis, you should start harping all over again about how insurance coverage for all Americans is a dangerous idea. (Attacks on Obamacare had already pretty much disappeared from TV ads supporting Mr. Tillis, as though some people had a clue.)

We can feel Mr. Clifton's pain. After tens of millions of $$ expended to tout Thom Tillis and to attack Kay Hagan, millions by Karl Rove and other third-party interlopers, Tillis has zero traction ... largely because he's dragging around a very unpopular NC General Assembly as a major anchor on his hopes.

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Anonymous said...

To be blunt, neo-con Tillis is the establishment's choice on the Repub's side, because either one, Hagan or Tillis, is acceptable. Tillis won his primary, because extra candidates were presented on the slate to water down Brannon's support. Believe it or not.