Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Calculations of the Short-Distance Runner: Tillis in Ladyland

Did Thom Tillis major in public relations? Because he's damn good at image. Slick, but he also makes a solid presentation. He's well spoken and confident. Perhaps his greatest personal trait: He never lets you see him sweat.

But his nervousness revealed itself anyway, and suddenly, in Wednesday night's debate with his Democratic opponent, Kay Hagan:
“I believe contraception should be available probably more broadly than it is today,” Tillis said at one point (and it really doesn't matter what question prompted it. Because he also said this:) “I actually agree with the American Medical Association, that we should make contraception more widely available. I think over-the-counter oral contraception should be available without prescription.”
"Without prescription." That would be Thom Tillis sweating.

Without prescription. Let's define that: "Without prescription" would have to mean "without the participation of a medical professional." Medical professionals have recently been mandated by The State to interfere with women's decisions to protect the Unborn. Tillis's statement is particularly noticeable, because last year he led the General Assembly to impose new ultra-sound imaging and stern moral lectures on any woman seeking an abortion in North Carolina ... legislation so extreme that a Federal judge has put a hold on a substantial portion of it. The judge seems to think that you can't make doctors say stuff -- freedom of speech -- about your pet hobby horse.

Smart guys like Tillis read the polls. Women are pissed off. The Hobby Lobby decision was just another brick in a long wall that's been a-building for years. Add to that the very specific and cutting reasons that women already had to dislike the General Assembly: the destruction of the social contract to educate kids, take care of sick, minister to the poor, and keep poisons out of our water and our food. For a start.

We know Tillis was sweating psychological bullets Wednesday night also by the reaction of Right to Lifers who were totally flummoxed by the statement: 
“We were a little surprised by the over-the-counter idea on contraception,” said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the N.C. Values Coalition. “… Making contraception available over the counter is a bad idea. But what we know about Tillis is he has a record of being pro-life. He’ll be a supporter of pro-life values in the Senate.”
If Tillis majored in Public Relations in college, Tami Fitzgerald didn't major in logic. The man's selling you out, lady, to get votes. And he'll sell you out on gay marriage, given the chance. 

In your heart, you know I'm right.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives like Tillis want OTC contraception because it removes it from the employer's realm. No more Hobby Lobby cases to mess up the messaging with the ladies. And passes the buck to the ladies to cover all of it.

brotherdoc said...

If you are a well to do woman buying The Pill OTC is no big deal but since insurance rarely covers OTC meds, poor women would
not be able to afford the pill. And of course with no funding for Planned Parenthood or other agencies helping these women, you can count on even further divisions between the rich and the poor--just what all GOPer policy promotes.