Friday, September 12, 2014

Smart Kids, Dumb Government

Headline in this morning's Asheville Citizen-Times: "Fewer NC College Students Aspire to Teach."

Gosh, wonder why that might be so? Just because North Carolina state government and especially the General Assembly have worked overtime to destroy public schooling and to disrespect public school teachers?

"I think people are saying I don't want that job because it has a reputation of being a job that doesn't pay well and doesn't pay well enough to be able to support you for just an average living," said Dawn Rookey, an Owen High School teacher. "I think also there's been a lot of low teacher morale over the past three years with a lot of the legislative changes that have impacted the profession."

Our Republican masters have set a time bomb that is going to produce a big teacher shortage in a short little while. But I'm sure the private school corporations that support Senator Dan Soucek will step right in and solve that problem.

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