Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Watauga County Board of Elections Poised To Go Even Deeper Into Their Dark Place

Let's not kid ourselves. New River 3 precinct polling place will move to the mega-church on the far fringes of the precinct. If Bill Aceto sez it sounds like a good option to him, that's where New River 3 will go ... even further outside the core of the population than Mutton Crossing was. The parking lot at Mount Vernon Church is even in a different precinct. That's how far out (!) it is.

Settles the question of whether acting Chair Bill Aceto and Other Member, Four Eggers Luke Eggers, have any sense of shame.

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Anonymous said...

You missed the biggest change - Appalcart access. If you wanted to, you could walk to Mutton Crossing from the Applecart stop. Mount Vernon is miles on a hilly, visibility limited, two lane road. This is all about making voting inaccessible to people.

I will volunteer my day to driving people out to the middle of nowhere so that they can vote.