Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sign of the Times

These signs appeared suddenly in time for the start of Early Voting in Watauga County.

The only not-so-minor problem: There's no "Paid for by..." on them, which means they violate North Carolina elections law.

Hmmm. Who did pay for them? What Republican/Tea Party entity/individual decided to throw Ron Henries under the bus?

The sub-text seems pretty clear: Vote for the Book-Banners!


Henery said...

You are so right, JW. These are the book-banners.

But Kanoy by report has dropped out, hasn't he?

Tiffany Christian couldn't make the "cut" because no one has figured out where she stands. She sort of stands all over the place.

brotherdoc said...

Quite a few Christian signs in BR. We needed a sign with the progressive slate grouped together--nonpartisan but with some sponsoring group's name on it. Too late? Of course, signs are one thing, voter turnout is another. Early voting starts today. Progressives, get out and vote for schoolboard candidates Holste, Fenwick, and Michael.

Thomas Aquinas said...

Guarantee you that Dan Soucek and ultimately Franklin Graham are behind these signs. After all, Samaritan's Purse was the fountain from which flowed the whole book-banning crisis at Watauga High School. Graham hasn't gotten over losing that School Board vote. There's now a vendetta against Ron Henries.

Anonymous said...

No "Paid by...." is required. Still, they are the 3 to vote AGAINST.

Anonymous said...

Why would you vote against? Need to know before I fill the ballot out. Also from what I have seen they haven't talked down or belittle anyone. Everything has been speculation with y'all and (paid by) is not a law I called before jumping to conclusion.