Monday, April 14, 2014

A Poor Man Is Running for Senate

Will Stewart is running against Kay Hagan in the Democratic primary. He hasn't got a chance, naturally, but I like him. He reminds me of what Democrats are supposed to stand for.

Kay Hagan often doesn't. She reminds me most strongly of ... bankers, money-changers, skin-flints. She has voted in ways in the Senate that have made me howl at the wall. While she takes many positions that I find fault with, I cannot find fault with Will Stewart.

I have been on his website. He's been a carpenter. He's lived on the streets, and he still lives below the poverty line. He came up poor, but he's scrambled and survived. He speaks directly and plainly. He says that Hagan serves corporate interests, and he got that right.

“I’d bring a witness to the reality of living as a poor person in America,” Stewart told a reporter from the Raleigh N&O. He said he’d also be “a witness of the effects of Capitol Hill’s decisions. I’ve watched friends and neighbors get foreclosed while Wall Street gets a walking pass.”

I'm sorry he doesn't have a shot. Instead, we'll either get Corporate Tool # 1 or Corporate Tool # 2, and that doesn't strike me as healthy.


Anonymous said...

Being a carpenter, living on the streets, and living below the poverty line gives him no credibility at all to be in congress Jerry. May give him good life experience, but to run a country? Nope. sorry, but I disagree.

arejaye said...

Living a REAL life with REAL life experience is exactly what made Will Stewart a great candidate. I'm sick and tired of looking at a politicians past and seeing that the vast majority are/were lawyers, Dr's. or some other high paying job. They have NO clue what the average person has to deal with week to week. And btw, he wasn't running for a position to "run a country", he'd only be one member of 534 others. If you didn't vote for him because of the reasons you state as not, in your mind, worthy, then you missed a big chance to change politics, even if it was a small change here and there. You must like the status quo, and for that, I feel sorry for you, and for the people that joined in with you. The State and the country both, are goin' down the tubes fast, but you failed to see it or even try to change it. Sad.