Friday, April 25, 2014

Relax: The Tea Party Can Do a Fine Job of Educating Your Children

It's obvious that the Republican Clown College in Raleigh is poised to put the educational standards in our public schools into the hands of "political appointees."

Oh great.

A new Academic Standards Review Commission, "made up of political appointees," will now likely have a big thumb on the scales of academic standards in reading and math.

Who will appoint the political appointees? Mainly politicians who are terrified of riling up the Flat Earth Society Tea Party, the Know-Nothings of the 21st Century.

The same polecats who have made our public teachers just about the lowest paid in the whole country, the same poltroons who deny science, the birdbrains who decreed that sea-level rise will not come to the coast of North Carolina, the hammerheads who want to gamble with our well water via fracking, the same pinheads who think that ballot-access ought to be as hard as getting a mortgage ... yup, this fine collection of disbelievers in democracy and the liberation of a good education should do a fine job setting standards in our schools.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet none of the legislators have read any of the Common Core standards. It's much easier to vote according to the dictates of the right-wing mafia.

Anonymous said...

They can read?

Anonymous said...

I see Home Schooling in our future!

Anonymous said...

I heard Wos was looking from a new challenge…