Monday, April 21, 2014

Shots Fired at Thom Tillis Now Coming From Inside the Republican House Caucus

Rep. Robert Brawley from Iredell County trots out a laundry list of problems he has with Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis, problems that will evidently cause Mr. Brawley to vote for a different candidate in the upcoming Republican Senate primary.

The gist:

1. Tillis likes money more than he likes principle.

2. Tillis will railroad his colleagues in order to get his "friends" appointed to significant posts, because those friends gave Mr. Tillis money.

3. Tillis says stuff that isn't true and stuff that even he doesn't believe.

4. Tillis fired Brawley from his Finance Committee post. Brawley says it was because he stood up to the Speaker. Tillis apparently suggested it was because Brawley is mentally unstable. Does Brawley's writing and publishing his complaints against Tillis prove it?

(Mr. Brawley's previous appearance in political news.)

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