Thursday, April 03, 2014

First They'll Celebrate the "Fraud," And Then They'll Check for Evidence

Republican members of the General Assembly were joyously leaping to conclusions yesterday about massive voter fraud because a computer program found people with the same name and birth date supposedly voted in two different states of the union.

Not double-voted in North Carolina, mind you, but supposedly in North Carolina and, say, Vermont.

Kim Strach, executive director of the State Board of Elections, kept reminding the lawmakers that nothing was proven yet and that they shouldn't leap to conclusions. But the lawmakers were making like hot popcorn kernels and were hitting the legislative pot lid plink plink plink.

Congratulating themselves for passing Voter ID law and General Voter Suppression measures last year they were!

But here's the thing: The Republican Voter ID law would not -- NOT -- have prevented a single instance of double-voting in North Carolina and, say, Vermont (if it happened at all).

And how does the cutting of Early Voting by a full week prevent double voting? How does banning polling stations from college campuses prevent double voting? How does the elimination of "transfer" or out-of-precinct voting prevent double voting?

It doesn't. It wouldn't. It didn't.

Our legislative Republicans and their enablers are such transparent cheerleaders for "It's My World and You Should Just Get the Hell Out of It!"

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Anonymous said...

Call J.W. Cleopatra, he's the Queen of Denial."