Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dan Soucek's Ineffectiveness in the NC Senate

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research has published its "effectiveness" rankings for all members of the General Assembly. Senator Dan Soucek ranks in the bottom half of all senators.

Jonathan Jordan fares much better in the House, ranking 33rd out of 120 members.


Anonymous said...

Ranking in the middle of the bell curve (27th of 50 senators) may put him in the "bottom half" as you say, but hardly shows him as 'ineffective'.

If he was 'ineffective', you wouldn't spend so much time trying to discredit him.

What I love about Watauga Watch is that you always broadcast what it is that has you the most worried. Voter fraud, Dan Soucek, Jonathan Jordan, Nathan Miller and, above all, America's best congressman, Virginia Foxx.

Oh, I almost forgot - the NC board of elections, the governor, the moderate Democrats and Four Eggers.

Keep it up PLEASE!

Whatshisname said...

Gee, anonymous. Came out from under your rock to declare Virginia Foxx "America's Best Congressman"??!! ROTFLMAO! There's no reason to "try" to discredit Soucek. He does that on his own on a daily basis. Our worry is not about Soucek, Jordan, Miller and Foxx. Our worry is about folks like you who think they're passing laws in your best interest. We will keep it up. Don't you worry your little heart about it. We will work day and night to make your life better in spite of yourself.