Monday, June 24, 2013

The grin-'n'-grip ... all he's good for.


Anonymous said...

JerryWayne-Seems that your blog gets very few comments. Wonder why? Maybe you should get a smile like McCrory once in a while and take it easy. You are a senior citizen and need to listen to the words from McFarrin's song,"Don't Worry, Be Happy". Adopt a rescue dog from the local facility. Walk on the nice greenway in Boone. Walk at Bass Lake for a couple of laps. Will do you good and get your mind off Virginia Foxx and all the evil Republicans who are changing things down there in Raleigh. McCrory smiles a lot because he is happy with his life and not a bitter man. I see from your posts that you are bitter. Take it easy. Life is too short to be bitter all the time.

Billy D said...

Jerry- Thank goodness for you and the attention you bring to all the issues around the "grinning stupidity" that currently permeates our state offices. I know what a great sense of humor you've always displayed, which is particularly difficult in lieu of what is happening in Raleigh these days. But you manage to repeatedly hit the nail on the head when it comes to calling out the imbeciles like Soucek and Jordan there and putting up with comments from brain dead folks like Anonymous at 7:55. Keep up the good work. Thanks to folks like you people in this state are beginning to see the light where Empty Suit McCrory concerned. He does grin an awful lot for a one term Gov.