Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mapping the Tax Disaster Now Taking Shape in Raleigh

News&Record reporter Travis Fain does his best at comparing the crap sandwich (NC Senate proposed budget) with the other crap sandwich (NC House proposed budget) now being negotiated in secret and behind closed doors, and his exploration is must reading if you care a whit about what's going to happen to us all (at least those of us without a pool house), once Governor Squishy signs whatever the General Assembly tells him to sign.

A sampling:
In like the meanest move ever, the Senate wants to do away with tax deductions currently enjoyed by firefighters, rescue squad workers, educators and people who were falsely convicted and incarcerated for so long the state had to write them a check. Also paying more: people who got disaster grants after Hurricane Floyd and anyone who was taking a tax credit for building handicapped people places to live. All of which gives me an idea: Let's tax not kicking puppies. GOLD MINE.

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