Monday, June 24, 2013

Boone's Water and Republican Power-Madness

If the Republican-controlled General Assembly in Raleigh can force the city of Durham to extend water service to a mega-development outside its city limits -- which is exactly what the Republican-controlled General Assembly is threatening to do (the bill has already passed the NC Senate) -- then why on earth should Boone spend millions to develop a new source of water from the New River, when the Republican-controlled General Assembly (and our local reps Jonathan Jordan and Dan Soucek) will be only too happy to grab it and give it without compensation to Watauga County, which has no development regs to deal with it and a history of vindictive hatred for the town of Boone?

Another nail in the Republican-built coffin of "smaller government."


johnbyjohn said...

Republicans don't really believe in "small government." If someone can get rich off government tax breaks or in a situation like this water business, they're all for it. They'd love to control what we read, what we drink, how much sex we have, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why should they be compensated for infrastructure that allows them to steal water from out side their corporate limits?

Anonagain said...

There you go again, Anonymous.. perpetuating your "stealing" meme. Please point us to a law or regulation that says that towns or cities must obtain water from inside their corporate limits. There are many cities in NC that obtain water from outside their city limits. If the town buys land and lays pipe out to the river, you think it's ok for the county to grab that without compensation????