Sunday, June 23, 2013

How the Formerly Pro-Choice Virginia Foxx Learned To Sob (Dry-Eyed) for the Unborn

The Christian right has not ceased praising Jesus for the performance Virginia Foxx delivered on the House floor (video below), but having learned the hard way that Representative Foxx can turn on (and off) the fake fighting-back-tears act, I would remind all those good Christians about the various things Jesus actually said about the fakery of Pharisees.

I've watched that video full-screen a number of times, trying to detect any actual tear or even incipient moisture in the Congresswoman's eyes. No, it's just the acting class example of the catch in the throat, the dramatic pause for effect, and sighing and heaving of a Congressional Meryl Streep strutting her fake emotional connection to unborn and "murdered" babies.

This is the same woman who was militantly pro-choice before she started running for (first) state and then national office, who campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment, who now leads her rural constitutents to think she's actually a Baptist instead of a Roman Catholic, who has only recently discovered how surprisingly devoted she is to Catholic dogma on abortion.

It's a fundraising bonanza for one of the phoniest human beings on this or any other planet.

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