Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Clown College Coming Back to Raleigh Tomorrow

Photo by Pinky_Kinky
The Honorables of the NC General Assembly are right now strapping on their red rubber noses and heading to Raleigh for a veto-override session tomorrow, trying to overturn Gov. Perdue's "NO" to their rewriting of the Racial Justice Act, which mainly removed "justice" from the law.

We like Mark Binker's explanation for why it's unlikely that the Clown College will take up any other veto overrides -- like voter photo IDs -- and we're prepared to trust that he's right.

'Course, ya never know fer sure, do ya?


Anonymous said...

I hope the GA repeals the Racial Justice Act. In your neighboring county, a white man shot and killed his wife, her daughter and his daughter. He was convicted by a white jury, and the DA was white. He is on death row and has appealed his case based on the RJA. Explain to me how this is justice. Two counties down, white man rapes and kills a white woman whom he had dated. He had stalked her for two years. She had used every means of the legal system to protect herself and her children. That did not work. The details are as bad as they get on the specifics of this case. He is white, jury was white. He has appealed on the RJA. For the benefit of truth, justice, I wish you would hear from this victim's mother. But then you will not do that. How is this justified? Do think the charges reduced to life without parole is fair for these two men who need to sit on a burnt stump in hell?

Henery said...

Anonymous, just because those white convicted murderers appeal under the Racial Justice Act does NOT mean that their convictions would be overturned by the terms of the law. Clearly, they could NOT prevail under the law as written. And even if by some fluke (divine intervention?) they DID prevail, all the law allows for is reduction of sentence to life imprisonment without parole rather than death. Just how bloody-minded are you?

Anonymous said...

It does mean the RJA is a ridiculous concept and only a means for criminals to ply the race card.

Anonymous said...

Just think, there is still time to get the voter I.D. bill passed in order to prevent voter fraud!

Dr. Matthew Robinson said...

Anonymous raises a good issue.

But the RJA requires the defendant to convince a judge. And those cases will not fly under the RJA.

The RJA is aimed at correcting legitimate problems of race bias.