Friday, January 06, 2012

Republicans Aroused the NC Twitterverse

Hattip: Jesse Presnell

Early Thursday morning, while the new Republican majority in the North Carolina House were carrying out their vendetta against the North Carolina Association of Educators and overriding Gov. Perdue's veto of their law singling out the NCAE for bill-of-attainder-style punishment, the Twitterverse hashtag #NCGA (for "North Carolina General Assembly") spiked up dramatically. Even at 1 a.m., it's hard these days to get away with political murder without a lot of people noticing. The above chart tells the story.

It's hard to know how many thousands of Twitter subscribers were eventually touched by the message, "Republicans going nuts, punishing the teachers union," and perhaps it tends to be more politicos and political reporters who follow that hashtag, but a round-up of editorials across the state today suggests that the key people heard the news, loud and clear.

The illegitimate power-grab has already cost the NC GOP dearly, and it ain't even beginning to be over.


amjp said...

Let's hope it costs them everything - their arms, their legs, their heads (if any), et al.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is going to cost them - more of their time serving as Legislators as their numbers will be increased in the next election.

The Teahadist said...

So. Teachers will now be free to choose who to donate money to and how much.

Would one of the less hyberbolic lefties on this site please explain how, exactly, increasing teachers' take-home pay and increasing their freedom of choice is "screwing them?"