Sunday, January 22, 2012

Got Our First Pope-Machine Mailer!

The Pope Boyz have somehow decided that Yours Truly is a good candidate for marching on the Right Side into "Battleground North Carolina." The Pope Civitas Institute has invited Little Ole Me to a two-day boot camp at the Crabtree Marriott in Raleigh to learn how to strip the paint off the hide of any liberal. But let the mailer speak for itself:
"The liberals will do whatever it takes to win in 2012, but North Carolina conservative can stop them.
"North Carolina will be a battleground state like never before -- you owe it to yourself and your state to be organized and ready to win.
"Battleground North Carolina is designed to energize, train, and equip citizens in our state to defeat liberal policies and liberal 'community organizers.' "
Yeah, when you're organizing, there's nothing more demon-izable than community organizers!

Participating in the training will be pooh-bahs from Americans for the Prosperous, The Heritage Foundation, and the many tentacles of Art Pope's empire. A good hyperbolic immersion will be had by all.

1 comment:

brotherdoc said...

Go and take good notes, Jerry, you will be prepared and can contrive countermeasures. You might first investigate what level of security they will require, they probably have some secret handshake or codeword known only to those who have sold themselves to the Pope machine (Mark of the Beast). If nothing else you would surely learn some good anti-Obama jokes.