Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanting To Please Caesar, Lusting To Be Caesar

David Neff in Christianity Today flays the pharisees who gathered in Texas last Saturday -- with sheriff's deputies as dutiful gate-keepers, no less:
By conspiring to throw their weight behind a single evangelical-friendly candidate, they fed the widespread perception that evangelicalism's main identifying feature is right-wing political activism focused on abortion and homosexuality....

Seems that Mr. Neff is fed up with evangelicals' being the Republicans' lapdogs.

The Texas-ranch pharisees, who think they're almighty king-makers ordering their followers to bow down to Ole Frothy, are actually, "to use the old Soviet phrase, serving as 'useful idiots.' Christianity Today founder Billy Graham discovered this had happened to him. Out of an abundance of enthusiasm and good will, he tried to aid Richard Nixon in his campaign. Later, when Watergate transcripts revealed the true Nixon, Graham realized he had been used...."

To which there were many posted responses, though this one was fairly typical:
...Our cry in the wilderness will only be heard when we look more like Jesus and less like political is time to repent! The God of righteousness is at the door and He is demanding our souls!

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