Saturday, December 31, 2011

Only the Pure May Vote in Virginia

The fact that Virginia voters will salute and do as they're ordered -- and that voters will be ordered to take a loyalty oath when they vote in the Republican Party's primary on March 6 -- is all the evidence we need that Virginia conservatives are lacking both self-awareness and the least spark of resistance to illegitimate power.

Make that "conservatives everywhere."


Anonymous said...

What's next? Promise rings?

Rich N White said...

One oath to "always", one oath to "never".

Is it any wonder that the tea party has achieved functional paralysis within the congress?

Why on earth would anyone want to put themselves into such a small, shallow box of intellectual impotence when the essence of freedom is to think for oneself?

brushfire said...

Remember when Rush Limbaugh spearheaded the campaign for "Operation Chaos" calling for Republicans to screw up the Democratic primaries?

Anonymous said...

Fifty years as a DEMOCRAT, and I can tell you that we don't need any help from Rush Limbaugh or anybody else. We are quite capable of screwing up our own primaries!