Monday, January 30, 2012

The Thom Tillis Tantrum Watch

We mistakenly thought that once NC House Speaker Thom Tillis had compared his hometown paper to "road kill" that maybe he had gotten it out of his system. Generally, when you start blaming press coverage for all your problems, you're on the way down as a politician, and it gets kind of embarrassing to be in the same precinct with such whining, or in the same state.

But here he goes again. Over the weekend, Tillis sent out an e-mail message with this in the subject line: "For IMMEDIATE Release: My letter of Resignation." Another tantrum about the liberal media.

To which editorial writer for the Greensboro News & Record Doug Clark had the logical and bestest response:
Ruthless antics indeed
 "The continued partisan and sometimes ruthless antics of the left aided by some in the mainstream press, will continue to threaten or stifle legitimate efforts to improve the situation in North Carolina for all involved" -- state House Speaker Thom Tillis in an email....
The lies have become so vicious that the left-wing biased liberal media actually reported -- as if it were fact -- that Tillis called a 1 a.m. session of the House, without giving proper advanced notice, to hold a veto override vote.Tillis is absolutely right.
 This was the most scurrilous reporting ever seen in North Carolina. One could only hope that the public simply would not believe that a fair-minded leader such as Mr. Tillis, committed to the cause of legitimate efforts to improve the situation in North Carolina for all involved, could possibly conceive such a dead-of-night political maneuver to accomplish what could not be done in the light of day.
A past-midnight session, called with scarcely an hour's notice, would afford no opportunity for the people of North Carolina to attend or to communicate their views to their elected representatives. It's unthinkable that a fair-minded leader such as Mr. Tillis, who wants nothing but what's best for the state, would ever initiate such legislative shenanigans. We can only blame an ultra-partisan elitist, biased media for concocting such a ridiculous and disingenuous mishmash of disinformation.
 Such conniving would of course comport with the "ruthless antics of the left," but Mr. Tillis and his followers have renounced such murky deeds, pledging nothing but openness and light. It is an insult to common decency and the principles of democracy to which Mr. Tillis has dedicated his life of public service, therefore, that the manipulative and deceitful liberal, anti-American unholy media has concocted this horrible smear campaign built around the absurd untruth of midnight machinations at the General Assembly.
The good people of North Carolina should believe nothing of what they hear about the work of their legislature that does not issue directly from Mr. Tillis, who, it is well known, is always home in bed by 10 p.m.

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