Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Lie in Speaker Tillis's Throat

Republican Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis, in justifying the Republican vendetta against the North Carolina Association of Educators, charged that the NCAE is an arm of the Democratic Party. An odd charge in light of Tillis's own account for the vendetta: the Republicans were targeting the NCAE because it had sent mailers against five Democrats. And then there's this proof, from Greg Flynn (via NC Policy Watch), that the NCAE has underwritten the campaigns of an awful lot (literally) of Republicans:
In 2008 the NCAE PAC gave money to Dale Folwell, Robert Grady, the Republican House Majority Committee, and the Committee to Elect Republican Women to name a few spotted at first glance.
Here’s more:
Fletcher Hartsell
Jerry Tillman
Larry Brown
Kenny Furr
Laura Wiley
Karen Ray
Larry Hale
Shirley Blackburn Randleman
Harry Brown
Bonner Stiller
Mitchell Setzer
Sidney M Sandy
Jean Preston
Pat B Hurley
Linda P Johnson
Richard Stevens


Anonymous said...

NCAE gave $50,000.00 to the Democrat Party in 2010 and ZERO to the Republican Party. They are just like Art Pope.

Anonymous said...

95 percent of NCAE contributions in 2008 went to Dems

Anonymous said...

Check those campaign finance reports again, Anonymous. NCAE did give significant contributions to Republicans in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Significant? With 95% going to Dems?
OK...I guess we can quibble about what "significant" means, but anyone with any common sense knows that the NCAE and the NEA are primarily supporting Dems.

The NEA and the NCAE spent over $1.6 million dollars getting Bev Perdue elected. How much did they spend opposing her?

Nothing wrong with them spending their money where they think it will do the most to advance their cause. What else should they be expected to do?

The point is, why should the taxpayers foot the bill for them to collect their dues? Let them collect their own dues and spend the money however they like.