Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friday Smorgasbord

Apparently, Republican senators are rethinking their determination to protect the big Wall Street banking institutions at all costs. Ahhh. But we ain't holding our breath. You know, right? that a tiger's stripes are not just an exterior, furry sort of adornment. Those stripes are a part of the dermis of the animal. Republican senators are gwine to do what Republican senators do best (and, unfortunately, too many DemSenators too!) ... protect Big Money.

Franklin Graham can't shake the memory of what he said about Islam. Not that he wants to. (HT: Watauga Democrat for calling attention to this controversy.)

We laughed ourselves silly last night at Jon Stewart's gospel-choir approach to responding to Bernie Goldberg and Fox News: "Fox News is such a crazy over-reaction to that perceived threat [of the supposed Liberal Media], you're like an auto-immune disorder...."

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BikerBard said...

The "gospel choir" was one of the all-time funniest. And he was so on the money with his commentary about not having to perform according to Fox's expectations. It is exactly what makes Jon Stewart so great.