Friday, April 09, 2010

Fetzer to Steele: I'm Praying for You (To Drop Dead)

This news broke late yesterday p.m., while we were on the road in Stokes County (thunder, lightning, missing bridges), so we're catching up:

Tom Fetzer, chair of the N.C.G.O.P. and hence a voting member of the Republican National Committee, which has the power of life or unemployment over national Chair Michael Steele, is the first such Prominent Republican to call for the resignation of Mr. Steele. You know you're in trouble among Republican pooh-bahs when the letter opens like this: "Dear Michael, I have prayed for you...."

Oh, dear.

That's pulling rank as only the self-righteous can pull it.

Hearing the news about Fetzer's letter, North Carolina Committeewoman Ada Fisher, who had previously made her disdain for Mr. Steele perfectly clear, piled on with her own call for resignation.

Can a full crackup at the RNC be far behind?

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Anonymous said...

I notice Ada said Tom is not Gay again assuring Fetzer that his ass was not on the Chopping rear end Block of the Republican Tea Party