Tuesday, April 06, 2010


"Americans have by and large lost faith in their institutions." So saith Charles "Chuck" Colson, the convicted felon who helped mastermind one of the great governmental conspiracies in American history, the "Watergate Affair."

"People have lost faith in their fire departments," said the habitual arsonist.

Excuse me if I don't want to listen to advice about fire insurance from such as that.


Sarkazein said...

Your kind, liberal Democrats, re-elect a crack head mayor (Mayor Marion Barry for Biker Bard and Bridle) four times and you can't forgive Colson?
Your kind elects a child molester impeached Federal Judge (Judge Alcee Hastings for Biker Bard and Bridle) to represent in Congress, and you can't forgive Colson?
I'll call that false indignation. Polls say exactly what Colson is saying.

Mike D said...

Very strange, J.W.

Did you read the rest of the article? What the guy advocates is about the best case scenario you have available to you at this point.

I'm not sure why you would attack an article like this. The guy is condemning the anarchistic aspects of the Tea Party message and advocating faith in big government.

Did you read beyond the first sentence?

BikerBard said...

Wow! I support Barry and Judge Hastings?? Really?? How do you know this for a fact? I can only imagine Sark supports EVERY Rethug elected official? I guess Sark supports Larry "Widestance" Craig picking up men in toilets. I think Sark supported Rep. Mark Foley in his quest to send sex e-mails to underage pages. Sark must have approved of Gov. Mark Sanford cheating on his wife (and Newt Gingrich's cheating, too!) And all of this, Sarkazein and the other boneheaded, irrational Republicans met at a gay strip club to lament their failed attempts to be relevant.

Grow up, Sarkazein, and get real. Your post is riciculous!

Sarkazein said...

BB- My comment was about false indignation. Who knows what you are writing about. I was just pointing out to you who I was talking about and as you have proven that wasn't even enough. It's rather queer that you didn't comprehend the point of my comment.

BikerBard said...

I think it rather queer that you didn't understand the sarcasm of my response. Rather queer, indeed.

Sarkazein said...

Run for cover Bard. You went back and re-read, now you are reneging. If that was your attempt at sarcasm....yish. It wasn't sarcasm, it was a severe lack of comprehension.

BikerBard said...

You have a total lack of comprehension. Go back to the other site, where they revere your every word, your bulls**t. Over here, it's just stale dung to be stepped over and shoveled out.

BikerBard said...

PS to Sark:
It's very interesting that you did not deny supporting Larry "Widestance" Craig.
Veeerrrryyyy. interesting!

When will you be at he next RNC meeting at a porno strip club?

Hhhhmmmmmmm?? Now THAT'S sarcasm.

Sarkazein said...

PervyBard- You need a weird sex forum or blog. Politics is over your head.

BikerBard said...

The RNC has enough perversion for all! Money spent ($1,946.25) at a lesbian bondage sex club paid by the RNC treasury. How wisely your contributions are spent!!

Politics is over your head, too, Sark. You need to read some newspapers, and stop listening to Faux News.

Over at the other site, you are a pompous, know-nothing blowhard. Over here, you are a pompous, know-nothing blowhard and LOSER!

Mike D. said...


A "lesbian bondage sex club"? And they let men inside? You know of such a place?

Dude, if you drive, I'll totally buy the drinks. We are so there! :)

BikerBard said...

I'm gassing up now, Mike! ROTHLMAO!