Saturday, January 14, 2023

Update on the Haywood County Cray-Cray


Darris Moody, the sweet face of loony

Remember the Haywood County "digital warrior" Darris Moody who was arrested back in September for sending threats to scores of elected officials in western North Carolina (among other places), alleging treason on the part of those officials and promising some mystical Q-based retribution. Who got these threats? Easier to ask who didn't. The local Haywood sheriff (a Democrat) got one. So did some of his deputies, two county commissioners, the district attorney, three judges, the entire Haywood school board, every elected official in the town of Waynesville (along with three Waynesville public works employees), Canton’s mayor, the chairman of the Haywood board of elections, a few Asheville and Buncombe County officials, the Henderson County sheriff, several state Supreme Court justices, and the CEO and chief nursing officer of the Haywood Regional Medical Center.

The judge released her on bond after that arrest, but when she failed to show up for her arraignment in October, claiming that the government had no goddamn power over her, she was re-arrested. Now the indispensable Cory Vallaincourt of the Smoky Mountain News has updated the Darris Moody saga:

It took more than four months, 62 federal counts and a lengthy period of pretrial detention in Buncombe County, but Darris Moody has finally acknowledged the legitimacy of the United States justice system — by signing a plea agreement related to the threats she sent to elected officials last summer....

After Moody was released on bond, she failed to appear at a subsequent hearing and was taken back into custody on Oct. 14. Since then, she’s made multiple pro se filings reiterating her claims that the United States government and its legal system have no jurisdiction over her....

Moody, of Haywood County, signed the agreement on Jan. 6, offering to waive her right to trial and plead guilty to interstate threats and/or conspiracy to kidnap. Details of the agreement remain sealed.

A presentencing report will consider various factors and make a recommendation for sentencing. The maximum penalty for conspiracy to kidnap is life imprisonment. The maximum penalty for interstate threats is five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine, plus three years supervised release.

According to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, Moody remains in custody.


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