Tuesday, January 31, 2023

All NC House Democrats Look Solid on Protecting Abortion Rights


Jane Porter points out in today's Indy Weekly newsletter that all 49 Democrats in the NC House have signed on to H19, a bill to codify the protections for abortion in Roe and Casey, a Democratic bill that of course has no chance of ever passing the Republican-dominated General Assembly. But it may signal a Democratic unity we have devoutly hoped for and cynically doubted. All 49 Democrats have their names on H19, including the handful of more conservative members that Speaker Tim Moore appointed to committee leadership posts in the apparent hope they'll side with Republicans in voting to override a Cooper veto.

With all those conservative Dems signed on to a proposed law that would bar any new abortion restrictions prior to "viability," writes Porter, "the prospect of tightening abortion restrictions in North Carolina — particularly passing a law banning the procedure after fetal cardiac activity is detected, which is House Speaker Tim Moore's preference and which Cooper will definitely veto, along with any other abortion-restricting legislation — becomes a lot more daunting for the Republicans."

Hope springs.


Wolf's Head said...

"Hope springs."

Not for the unborn child.

Anonymous said...

Wolf's Head - You would have had me die with my first pregnancy. Women don't take abortion lightly and it should be left to her and her health care team to make decisions.

Wolf's Head said...

Anon, I have no idea what occurred during your first pregnancy, but does that experience mean there should be abortions no matter what the reason?

As for my position on abortion, which I have stated here before, is I believe it is murder.

Now I don't go out and fight abortion actively because it is mostly lefties who get abortions, so to me it is almost a self-correcting problem. Can't wait for you all to support assisted suicide.

If it is a case of whether the mother or the child dies, that is a decision for wisdom greater than mine.

True story. I was in the US military. A fellow soldier's wife was pregnant. She began behaving erratically, which was first attributed, wrongly, to the pregnancy.

One day she hid behind the door with a knife and waited for him to come home. He was severely cut but disarmed her and called the ambulance. While in the hospital she went into a coma, and they found out she had an inoperable brain tumor.

To the Service's credit, they sent her and her husband to a large military hospital where she was on life support for months until the child could be delivered.

If it was just a lump of tissue, then why bother?

Because it wasn't, it was their child, and it was delivered early but healthy. I left the service shortly thereafter and don't know if he stayed in or not.

But would abortion supporting doctors and military establishment have supported allowing the child to be born?

Red Hornet said...

The brain tumor story is how old hound dog sees women, just an appendage that helps him attain whatever he desires, though he risks his life in the bargain.
(the big uterus controls the little brain, and could be hiding behind the door any time) That's primal paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they absolutely would follow the husband's wishes as next of kin, as she was incapacitated. You seem to think this issue is taken lightly - it is not.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely they would - wife is incapacitated and husband is next of kin.