Monday, January 23, 2023

GOP Asks NC Supreme Court To Go Ahead and Declare Its Partisanship


The eyes of Paul Newby

Just a month ago, with Democrats still a slim majority, the NC Supreme Court in Harper v. Hall ruled the redistricting of state Senate districts unconstitutional, and in Holmes v. Moore, the same court ruled the state’s 2018 photo voter identification law unconstitutional.

Following hard on November's elections which shifted the court's makeup to a 5-2 Republican majority (new justices Trey Allen and Richard Dietz were sworn in on Jan. 1), GOP leaders in the General Assembly have petitioned the new court to expose and flex its new partisan advantage by reconsidering the decisions in both Harper v. Hall and Holmes v. Moore.

It's what we'd call a command performance. "Show us you love us! Give us a sign that we're now free to do anything and everything that our heart desires -- small and shriveled as it is."

My prediction: the Paul Newby Republican majority will do as requested, and this will only be the beginning of regression, repression, and a growing lack of interest in the rights of North Carolina voters.



Red Hornet said...

And I thought he was actually a rusty old pick-up truck with an 8-track player.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're being asked to undo a partisan decision by the prior democrat controlled court.