Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Dan Bishop, One of the Anti-McCarthy 20

Alexander Jones recently described Dan Bishop as the most reprehensible figure North Carolina has elected to Washington since Jesse Helms. He recently appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, Jones reports, and dazzled the host with his cheerful nastiness and victim-blaming. Bishop was, after all, the chief author of HB2, the "bathroom bill," that sought to punish transgender kids, because there's never enough humiliation to go around. Now he's part of the 20 Freedom Caucus types who are humiliating Kevin McCarthy.

Bishop won his seat in Congress (NC-9) in the special election of  2019, beating the hapless Dan McCready with a whopping 50.69% of the vote, but like all the Trumpists he acted like he had the mandate to be the biggest jerk on Capitol Hill. Now after redistricting he represents the 8th CD.

About McCarthy's sweaty ambition to be Speaker, Bishop tweeted (a tweet that has subsequently disappeared), “Kevin McCarthy is not the right candidate to be Speaker. He has perpetuated the Washington status quo that makes this body one of the most unsuccessful and unpopular institutions in the country.”

No arguing with that last point, though Bishop has no inkling of his own participation.

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