Thursday, January 05, 2023

Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene Resigns Again

Columbus Co's new acting
Sheriff Kevin Norris

Embattled Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene, who resigned once before rather than hear charges against him in open court but was reelected sheriff anyway, resigned again a second time yesterday, rather than hear the charges against him in open court. The judge promptly dropped the issue the local district attorney had brought, instant removal from office, but has promised to rule later on the larger issue of permanent disqualification from ever holding office again.

Columbus County Chief Deputy Kevin Norris was named acting sheriff. Norris has many years of experience in the sheriff's office. Prior to being named chief deputy, he was chief of detectives. It will fall to county commissioners to choose a permanent replacement.

Following Jody Greene's resignation from the office, D.A. Jon David explained why he would still puruse permanent disqualification: “This office has been very consistent with where we stand on this issue. We simply do not feel as though Jody Greene should be someone who ever carries a badge again." 

WECT did extensive backgrounding of the misconduct allegations against Greene, and you can read those at your leisure (with a stiff drink). They suggest that indeed Jody Greene is not someone who should be carrying a badge.

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J.W. Williamson said...

The most complete list of allegations against Jody Greene:*+The+Changing+Face+of+Gun+Ownership+*+C%26H+Cafeteria+Closes&utm_campaign=Daily+-+1+6+23