Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Controversial New Law Being Fast-Tracked in NC Senate


Senate Bill 49 was just filed yesterday, a fine piece of public school meddling titled "Parents' Bill of Rights," but as of today it's already being mulled in the Senate's Education Committee and is clearly being fast-tracked for quick adoption (in the now veto-proof chambers where Phil Berger rules). 

When the same law was introduced last year, it was quickly compared to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law, and if anything, the new version this year has become more expansive. (Not that every provision is bad on the face of it, but some of it reads like a police state's wet dream for keeping children and teachers in a state of fear, like “The right to review all available records of materials their child has borrowed from a school library.”)

Good Lord! Do you think Mom and Dad will find out I was reading The Decameron Tales?!?!

A law so on-brand for the party that's all about freeeeeedom.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that's weird. I always knew what my kids had checked out of the school library...but then, I didn't need some clueless dweeb in Raleigh to tell me how to parent, or how to keep open communication with my kids.

Wolf's Head said...

I never bothered with what my kids took from the school library, but that was before the current crop of left wing crazies went nuclear on the public schools.

I always allowed my kids access to my library, they read Beowulf as one of their first books, and of course Louis L'Amour.

One is on the faculty of an ivy league university, the other two are published authors.

I agree with anon 9:44 about parenting and communications with the kids.

Keep the state out of it.