Monday, October 17, 2022 -- Her Take on This Year's Election in NC


Copied from, just posted this afternoon: "My Take on This Year's 2022 General Election"

Neither can we.

Galadriel of the Noldor, the beautiful Daughter of the Golden House of Finarfin, the Commander of the Northern Armies of High King Gilgalad, and the oldest of Elves in the world of J. R. R. Tolkien. Beaten down, hair and flesh singed from fire, not a bath in God knows how long, and scorned for her persistence in a seemingly hopeless fight against the evil ORCs:

Halbrand: “Why do you keep fighting?”

Galadriel: “Because I cannot stop.” 

Our crisis isn’t coming. It’s already here.

No matter how tired or frustrated or overwhelmed we may feel, no matter how singed or beaten down, we have to keep fighting back too. It’s what is required of us in the moment of history. Not just for ourselves, but for generations to come and to do justice to the fundamentals of a democracy our ancestors fought and died for.

It’s not that America hasn’t weathered some pretty serious biggies over its history–the Great Depression, World Wars, Cold Wars, assassinations, riots, discrimination, and a disgraced, run out of town, President. But through all of these and other crises, American democracy held tight.

It’s not holding anymore.

And the list goes on. This November’s midterm elections are set to possibly change, or worse kill off, America’s democracy once and for all and reset political and social norms for generations to come. Every single seat in the US House of Representatives is up for grabs, and the GOP needs only five to take control of the House. One single election result may change the face and direction of the US Senate.

And down ballot… now pay attention… in North Carolina the races for judicial seats, state legislatures, and school boards will decide important issues regarding abortion rights, health care opportunities, the fate of immigrants, the banning of public school books, same sex marriage, voting rights, and equality and justice for all of us.

Yes. We’re this underdogs this year but that didn’t stop Galadriel, and we can’t let it stop us. “Equality and democracy are under assault,” President Biden said in a speech this month“We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise.”

There are two pages to your ballot this year. Mark both of them, all the way through, for candidates who believe that the equality and justice is more important than power and money.

That includes….  trying to keep the US Senate majority by voting for Cheri Beasley and trying to take the Republicans  down one in the state House by voting for Ben Massey.

That includes marking every single one of the judges– As you dig under the rocks to read my candidate discussions about the judges this year, you’ll keep running into names like Paul Newby and Phil Berger and endorsements by the Federalist Society. That’s the  same Society that installed Brett KavanaughNeil GorsuchClarence ThomasJohn RobertsSamuel Alito, and Amy Coney Barrett onto the US Supreme Court. The Federalist Society “has become one of the most influential legal organizations in history—not only shaping law students’ thinking but changing American society itself by deliberately, diligently shifting the country’s judiciary to the right.”

And that includes… Not missing those Watauga Board of Education candidates on the second page of your ballot. If you want more info, read this.

So if you believe, as I do, that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, then get up, suit up, make your voice heard, and fight back. “The Quest Stands Upon The Edge Of A Knife.” —Galadriel

See you at the polls. Don’t forget to take a friend!

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Wolf's Head said...

I am also a big Tolkien fan.

What Pam says of Galadriel here is based on the 'Rings of Power", which is loosely based on Tolkien's works.

Just as leftist politics are loosely based on reality.

I usually vote early, and often there are people handing out copies of Pam's Picks which I take into the voting booth with me.

It is a very useful guide and I recommend it highly.