Saturday, November 17, 2018

We Admire Stacey Abrams

"Democracy failed Georgia."

This is worth watching in its entirety because rarely has a public figure spoken with more clarity and passion about the facts of Republican voter suppression in just one state of the Old South.

Brian Kemp is tainted, his regime as governor of Georgia eternally stained by his scheming to get there.

Hope to see much more of Stacey Abrams in the future, and as she promises, I believe "Fair Fight Georgia" will be heard from. Strongly.

"Stoicism is a luxury!"

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Susan Miller said...

Hallelujah. A new leader, powerful, true, respectful, with fire in her eyes and a heart full of love for America. I hope her ongoing activism will have launched public awareness of her potential for the national stage. By god, I want her in Washington!