Thursday, November 08, 2018

Watauga GOP Shoots Self in Kneecap

Just leaving this here without comment.

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Anonymous said...

Laughing! Did you see that Republican lawyer Nathan Miller is talking to The Appalachian newspaper, saying some unauthorized person posted that on Facebook.

This is the same Nathan Miller who was always teamed up with the other Republican lawyer Four Eggers and the Republican members of the Watauga Bd of Elections doing everything in their power to keep students from voting. Now this is what Miller is saying: "The post does not represent the feeling of the Watauga County Republican Party." Yeah, right! You think we're complete idiots.

This'll go down in history along with that videotape of David Blust saying students shouldn't be allowed to vote in Watauga. They never learn. Such stupidity shouldn't be voted into ANY office!

Oh one other thing -- Miller claims that Facebook post was made by an unauthorized person. Does he think we don't know the way Facebook works. You have to be an APPROVED ADMINISTRATOR to post on that Facebook page.