Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Zombie Obamacare Repeal Walks Again

The repealing of Obamacare has risen again from the grave, in the guise of the "Graham-Cassidy Bill" in the Senate. By many metrics, it's the worst one yet.

“This bill keeps 90 percent of the spending of Obamacare and reshuffles it,’’ Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said on Monday. “Really, when you look at how it reshuffles it, it does it just to take money from the Democrat states and give it to Republican states.’’

Block grants. Republicans love block grants. "Here's some money. Now get outta my face!" And they don't even try to hide the urge to punish, based on ideology.

Virtually everyone else says Graham-Cassidy will throw millions off health insurance, while "Medicaid would face cuts comparable to those in earlier repeal bills, and insurers in some states could charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions." 

If you're sick, you'll be punished. If you vote Democratic, you'll be buried.


Henery said...

How many US senators are willing to vote to blow a big hole in their state's budget?


Henery said...

The Graham-Cassidy bill "would slash health-care spending more deeply and would probably cover fewer people than the July bill — which failed because of concerns over those details."


Anonymous said...

It would be horrible if people had to pay for their own health insurance!

Democratus Rex said...

It would be horrible if people didn't get healthcare!

Anonymous said...

People get healthcare, at working class people's expense.

You want to make those who work pay for those who don't.


Why don't you make people pay for their own care instead of someone else's?

Democratus Rex said...

People do pay for their own healthcare.

Should people without health coverage, and cannot afford health coverage, just be allowed to suffer and perish?

Anonymous said...

You are free to help them all you wish, with YOUR money.

You want the government to be your bully, to bash the middle class again and again for you delusional requests.

Where are the efforts to reduce health care costs by either party? Nowhere.

When you take money from one person for another's benefit, especially by force, it is stealing.

Now, I know you democrats like stealing, elections, money, property.

But the rest of us work for our money. We support our families, not some government handout. We pay the taxes government takes so it can give our money to those who don't work.

These parasites then vote democrat for more stealing by you for them.

If you care so much about those without healthcare, how much have you given of your own money to help them, other than by taxes.

Anonymous said...

Which is it?

People do pay for their health care, or people can't afford it?

Make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

So all taxation is theft, huh? If the government takes money from you to pay for roads? If the government takes money from you to pay for schools? If the government takes money from you to pay for the military?

Anon 3:16 is the perfect expression of contemporary Republicanism: If you can afford to pay for it, then you deserve health care. If you can't afford it, then fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again.

I did not write that all taxation is theft, just that which takes form one person to give directly to another, or to provide for needs NOT specified in the Constitution.

You think all money belongs to the government no matter who earns it, and can throw it about where ever it can buy votes at.

Democratus Rex said...

Highways aren't in the Constitution. Neither are Fire Dept., Police, Courthouses, Air Traffic control, Schools, etc.

And speaking of schools, what does this phrase mean?

"..and can throw it about where ever it can buy votes at."

Anonymous said...

Highways, fire departments and courthouses didn't add $550 to my monthly health insurance bill.

Obamacare did.

And no, I'm not rich, just a working middle class guy.

Anonymous said...

Roads, fire depts, police, etc. are constitutional, because they affect everyone or are supposed to. Everyone benefits, directly or indirectly, from roads whether they own vehicles or not.

And for the other services, we used to vote on these depts. government structures, schools, etc. But apparently, in recent years, we are not allowed secret ballot referenda anymore.

The commissioners now are, in effect, soviet commissars, who arbitrarily decides a massive spending agenda that benefits select, powerful special interests ONLY and forces every property owner, modest or substantial, to pay for it.

And as for healthcare and insurances, in most cases in the past, a doctor or hospital adjusted their charges according to the standard of living in the areas they operated in. Also, in many cases, local churches paid for any serious care someone in that community needed who could not afford it. Only when insurance, the middle man, was introduced, did we see a rise in costs. Every time a middle man is included, costs increase.

Plus, there is a factor that is hardly ever mentioned -- our corrupt, fiat, privately controlled money system and the blatant, unchecked spending sprees that our government entities of all levels are hell bent on pursuing, which causes inflation and severely undermines the value of the 'currency' we are forced to use.

Wolf's Head said...

Bravo Anon 12:57!

Democratus Rex said...

Step away from the Breitbart/InfoWars conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wolf.

Ah, ole Rex. Not theories, Rex ole boy, but facts, truths, whether you in your fantasies want to believe it or not.

And I researched these historical and economic truths long before I even heard of Breitbart, Infowars, or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Step back from communism.