Sunday, September 03, 2017

Dwane Powell, News&Observer


Anonymous said...

Why worry?

If you Democrats are such great guys and gals, and have such wonderful ideas, and are so mainstream in your political vision you should easily beat a bunch of tiered old lying republicans.

Anonymous said...

The Republican majority in both the state house and state senate were elected by the voters in from the districts gerrymandered by the previous democrat legislature.

Both US Senators and our president were elected state wide so it doesn't matter how the districts were drawn.

But, if it makes you feel better to blame your lack of voter support on the way the districts were drawn....go for it. would you draw Jordan's district? ASU campus and Asheville? It hardly matters which of the contiguous counties are included, they, along with the permanent citizens iof Watauga, will offset the town of Boone voters.

Jeff said...

The Dems gerrymandered also. BUT, nothing as extreme and racist as the Repugs. Look at the vote totals for the entire state. While the Republicans maybe would still have a have a majority, it would be no where near as large without absolute cherry picking. It's one thing to design districts by politics, but totally another to discriminate by race and ethnicity. To try to keep millions of voters from participating by passing laws, (later struck down on constitutional grounds), you have only one solution: extreme
and illegal gerrrymandering.

Jeff said...

This is a PS. I forgot to mention the 2011 legislature which started all this mess. The only way to get a super majority was to totally and illegally prostitute the 2010 census and they did so very successfully. We now have a state government for the rich and completely paid for by the rich. That would be Art Pope, the John Locke minions, and the Koch Brothers. Ever notice how people like Art Pope and the Koch's inherited untold millions of $$$ and want us to live by their rules? Remember Lyndon Johnson discussing poor white folk: tell them they are better than another group and then you can pick their pockets all you want.