Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Happens When Our Republican Overlords in Raleigh Get Bored With Their Usual Power Grabs

Chris Millis
So this young warrior of the Republican right wing mainstream, Chris Millis, has decided that Secretary of State Elaine Marshall needs to be impeached, and he's got 20 of his fellow Republicans on the House Rules Committee to go along with an impeachment resolution against one of the best, most dedicated, most competent members of the Council of State. The whole NC House will have to vote on this waste of time, and if the others agree, it'll be the first impeachment proceeding in the state since 1870.

Millis is alleging massive malfeasance against Marshall, claiming that she's allowed all sorts of illegal immigrants to become notaries of the public. Marshall fires back that Millis doesn't know what he's talking about, doesn't understand the legal procedures she follows, and is conducting a political attack for purely partisan advantage. Which he is.

Millis first launched his attack on Marshall back in March, after he says he "came across an article" which made suggestions about Marshall's administration of her office, and Millis called a press conference to make allegations. Very prominent at the press conference was the man Marshall defeated for reelection last November, Michael LaPaglia, who had made similar allegations against Marshall in last fall's campaign.

Political attack? Ya think?

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