Monday, June 05, 2017

U.S. Supremes Confirm Lower Court: 28 NC House & Senate Districts Were Illegally Gerrymandered

The justices affirmed the ruling of a three-judge panel per curiam, meaning they were unanimous in agreeing that 28 NC House and Senate districts were illegal racial gerrymanders.

But the justices vacated the lower court's order that redistricting and special elections must happen immediately (meaning in 2017).

The case is remanded back to the three-judge panel, which actually could still decide that the injustice of the gerrymandering warrants elections this year. But no one's holding his/her breath.

Democrats only need to win three House seats or six Senate seats to eliminate the Republicans' veto-proof lock on the General Assembly.

But ... per curiam! Meaning that Alito and Thomas and (we assume) Gorsuch all saw the obvious and could not bring themselves to countenance the NC Republican power grab.

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