Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Senate Republicans Risk Getting All Up in Trump's Grille Over Russia Sanctions

Set to go to a vote this week in the US Senate -- new sanctions on Russia, particularly sanctions based on Russian interference in our election, and there's even a stinger in the tail aimed squarely at the man in the White House: The bill contains a provision that the president cannot scale back sanctions without going through Congress first.

When asked if Trump is on board with this proposal, Foreign Relations Committee Chair Senator Bob Corker "hesitated," noting: “I have to believe that the administration has to at least strongly consider supporting this.”

And anyway, Corker added, "he was sure the measure could receive a veto-proof level of support in the Senate."

Whoa! A Republican senator -- from Tennessee! -- throwing down a veiled dare to the Republican president about veto-proof majorities for punishing Russia. I believe the ground just started sliding.

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Susan Miller said...

What a brave Senator...