Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NCGA Now Attempting To Make the Courts More Republican

They don't even try to hide their motives any more in Raleigh.

Suddenly, in the waning days of this General Assembly session, Republican introduce a new judicial redistricting bill which people studying the new maps say will screw Democratic judges and advantage Republican candidates for judgeships.


They recently overrode the governor's veto to make judgeship elections partisan, and they decreased the size of the Court of Appeals from 15 to 12, to prevent Gov. Cooper from appointing replacements for Republican judges approaching mandatory retirement in the next few months.

During debate over the bill in the NC House, Rep. Grier Martin, a Democrat from Raleigh, asked if the proposed new maps were drawn with partisan considerations.

“There’s some reason these lines are as squiggly as they are,” Martin said. “Was the motivation to gain partisan advantage or is partisan advantage a pure accident?”

In Raleigh, there are no accidents but plenty of catastrophes.

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